Meet Our
TAB Members

Photo of Tom Wechsler, a TAB Board Member and owner of Wechsler Engineering & Consulting

Tom Wechsler

Wechsler Consulting And Engineering

Since starting his business in 2003, Tom Wechsler has gone from a solo proprietor to first president—and now CEO—of one of Atlanta’s leading consulting and engineering services firm. Never one to remain “standing in place,” Wechsler has his eye trained on aggressive company growth.

Portrait Kirsty Davies TAB Member

Kirsty Davies-Chinnock


Kirsty earned her the position of Managing Director in 2008 – three months before the financial crisis hit! The ambitious 5-year plan that Kirsty was about to launch had to be put to one side so they could focus on surviving the recession. And survive they have, enjoying organic growth in 2009 and 2010, with a current turnover of £1.2m.

TAB Board Member Kimberley Stufflet is smiling into the camera

Kimberley Stufflet

Preferred Aviation Underwriters

Founded in 2005 in a niche industry–providing tailored property and casualty insurance to clients in aviation–it took four years for the company to establish credibility. But as her business grew, Kimberly found herself facing a rampant employee turnover rate despite the recession and the well-paid jobs the company offered.

Smiling TAB Member Prashant Maheshwari is showing his store

Prashant Maheshwari

Krishnabeads Industries LLP

Educated at Manchester University in England, Prashant joined the family business in 2012 to manage operations for the scarves division. In his present position, he’s responsible for growing the company’s business portfolio through new product lines, business locations and units.

Team photo of an Australian TAB Board Member's business

Rachael Atkinson

MB Automotive

For Rachael Atkinson, co-owner of MB Automotive Fleet Specialists in Queensland, Australia, the first five years—while challenging—proved successful. They discovered a sizable demand for fleet specialists and were up for the challenge of meeting that demand. But after the “opening phase,” Rachael and her business partner, Matt Bolger, found they didn’t know exactly how to plan ahead for the next five years.

Smiling TAB Member showing his business

Michael Palacio

Palacio Collaborative

Early in his career, Michael D. Palacio was determined to become an architect. Along the way, he discovered a related talent that led to the creation of a multi-million-dollar construction cost-estimating firm. Now, with more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction industry, he’s president of Palacio Collaborative, an Atlanta-based cost and value management firm he founded in 2006.