Testimonials & Case Studies


“The Alternative Board is an extremely unique franchise. In addition to providing predictable revenue streams, TAB also offers extreme flexibility. For the seasoned consultant, TAB will open up many new income opportunities. For the business expert seeking a new career in consulting or coaching, TAB provides great tools and processes to make a smooth transition.”
Joe Zente, TAB Franchise Owner, TAB Texas

Having run eight companies, founded six and sold two, and facilitated over 400 CEO Board Meetings, Joe Zente understands entrepreneurs.  President/CEO of TAB-Austin, Joe has helped hundreds of highly successful entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs and thousands of sales professionals exceed their personal and business goals.

Joe leverages his Formula for achieving great things via Individual Responsibility combined with Effective Processes, Execution, Communication and Teamwork as he helps his 58 TAB members and other business owners in the key aspects of leading a prosperous, growing business.


“When I heard about The Alternative Board one of the things that really intrigued me was that when you’re talking about many smaller clients who give you recurring revenue every month, what happens is that it totally flattens your revenue and you have a base as opposed to consulting revenue when you have ups and downs. TAB is also so much more fun than doing consulting projects!”
Jackie Gernaey, TAB Franchise Owner, Suffolk County

In the corporate world, Jacquelyn Gernaey was the first woman to be promoted to President of a 200-employee, $25 million division of American Home Products, a then $8.5 billion corporation. This experience, in addition to time she spent in Business Development, running a 21 person marketing department, and in sales make her well qualified to help small businesses succeed.

In 1999 Jackie became the first woman to purchase a franchise in The Alternative Board, developing successful business owners and empowering them to achieve the economic success and personal life they want. She now has over 90 business owner members on Long Island. To expand her help to business owners outside of the Long Island market, in 2012 she started Business Franchise Success LLC with partner Rob Fishman, to serve as TAB Area Developer in the New England and Long Island area.

Jackie sees her focus on helping small businesses succeed as a personal mission and her way to give back to the business community.


“TAB, when I purchased my franchise, represented for me and still represents the best of all possible ways to create what I call a “lifestyle enterprise”. It enables me to control my hours; to use my accumulated expertise to the benefit of others (a very important part of my Personal Vision); to earn a very solid monthly income to supplement and (of necessity) strengthen my “retirement” accounts. Most importantly, it challenges my mind and my competitive spirit on a daily basis. It gives me freedom without boredom.”
Bernie Moscovitz, TAB Franchise Owner, Low Country

Bernie Moscovitz is President of EBA, Inc., a firm specializing in strategic marketing consultation and direction for business, industry and non-profits located in Beaufort, South Carolina. Prior to founding EBA, Bernie served as CEO of America’s second largest charity, and he held a top executive position in one Canadian and two multi-national ad agencies, where he played a pivotal role in the successes of international airlines, hotel and car rental companies, the nation’s largest consumer products companies, financial institutions and scores of small businesses.

As Area Developer for TAB LowCountry, Bernie leverages his 35+ years of experience in strategy development and implementation, team-building, executive and motivational training, and all aspects of marketing and communications to help his 61 TAB members achieve more productivity, profitability, and personal fulfillment.