TAB International Franchise Opportunities

A business franchise system adaptable to any culture

A Proven Global Franchise System

The Alternative Board (TAB ) is the world’s largest franchise system providing peer advisory business owner boards, business coaching, and strategic planning services for privately owned businesses. With locations in over 20 countries, TAB Master Franchise Partners have helped thousands of businesses grow and prosper by offering practical, strategic, and real-world solutions.

Our success as an international franchise system stems from our recognition that each country has its own unique culture. TAB’s highly effective techniques, tools and systems are adaptable to any culture.

Seeking TAB International Master Franchise Partners

Earn consistent income, achieve a better work-life balance and make a positive impact on the lives of business owners in your country.

TAB Master Franchise Partners (referred to as TAB Masters) have exclusive territories for operating the TAB system in your country/region. In addition to running business owner advisory boards, coaching and facilitating workshops, TAB Masters also acquire and support TAB Unit Franchisees and independent contractor implementors.

The Many Benefits of TAB Master Franchise Ownership

  • Outstanding return on investment
  • Predictable and consistent monthly revenue stream
  • Extensive training and support
  • Proven marketing and sales system for acquiring TAB Members and TAB Unit Franchisees
  • Highly effective proprietary tools
  • Strong support system
  • Exclusive Master territory
  • Great work-life balance
  • Equity-building ownership
“What stands out for me in TAB is the amazing culture and community. The trust shared with the home office, independence to operate, sensitivity to local specifics and the uniformly supportive peer network are refreshing – quite different from other international organizations I have worked with. The commitment to build a vibrant global brand with investments in methods and tools is driven top down. Financial gains, valuation and professional satisfaction are natural outcomes.”

Ramas Krishnan
TAB Master Franchisee, Mumbai Region, India

Ideal Candidates for TAB Master Franchise Ownership

Our ideal candidates are described as:

  • Business leaders with several years of experience.
  • Self-starters and motivated individuals who will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of their business.
  • Resourceful and resilient, who confidently understand that a franchise opportunity takes commitment, drive, and dedication on their part.
  • Who naturally enjoy relationship nurturing, networking, and communicating with potential clients.
  • Who are energized by facilitating, coaching, consulting and other business-related activities.
  • Who are ready to monetize their business skills by becoming a TAB Franchisee.
  • Ready to adapt TAB’s system to the local culture.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English.

Investment & Financial Requirements

US $250,000 – $350,000

Net Worth

Starts at US $130,000

Franchise Fee

US $28,000

Master Franchise Training Fee

Six Steps to TAB Franchise Ownership

Initial Overview Call

Service Offering Review

FDD Review

Validation and/or Advisory Board Attendance

Discovery Day

Final Approval and Signing

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities do you look for in a TAB Master Franchise?

At TAB, we seek franchisees who embody a blend of leadership, business acumen, entrepreneurship, and a passion for fostering growth. We value individuals with a knack for seeking opportunities, a drive to empower others, and a commitment to excellence.

What are the financial investment requirements needed to own a TAB Master Franchise?

Required Investment
For Most Master Franchise Territories, the Master Franchise Fee is a Minimum of
Minimum Personal Net Worth for Master Franchise
US$250,000 – US$350,000
Depending on such factors as Gross Domestic Product and population of the Master territory.

What does TAB’s Training Process look like?

TAB provides an extensive training program designed to equip our franchisees for success in both pre and post-launch endeavors. This comprehensive training unfolds in four crucial phases:

Phase 1 – Foundation Building:
Get an overview of all TAB tools to establish a solid foundation for your venture.

Phase 2 – Business Launch Preparation:
Dive deep into business planning, receive in-depth training on various facets including business development, client coaching, facilitating boards, and a thorough exploration of all TAB tools.

Phase 3 – Business Launch with Field Mentorship:
Embark on your business launch with the guidance of a field mentor. These mentors are accomplished TAB franchisees who successfully run their businesses, providing invaluable real-world insights.

Phase 4 – Integration and Optimization:
Bring it all together in the final phase, optimizing your knowledge and skills acquired throughout the training to ensure a seamless and successful operation.

Additional Training
How to market for potential franchisees
How to have a strong sales conversation once a franchise prospect shows interest
How to support franchisees once you have acquired them, including field support

How does TAB support Master Franchisees with their marketing?

TAB offers robust support to Master Franchisees, fostering a collaborative environment where individualized marketing efforts thrive. Our approach champions a balance between corporate guidance and Master Franchisee customization. We provide a framework and resources, empowering Master Franchisees to tailor their marketing strategies, ensuring local relevance and resonance. While offering corporate marketing support, we encourage Master Franchisees to infuse their insights, fostering a symbiotic relationship where collective expertise shapes impactful marketing initiatives.

What additional support does TAB provide its Master Franchisees?

At TAB, our commitment to your success doesn’t end – it’s a lifelong partnership. We offer continuous support throughout the Master Franchisee relationship. Examples of the support you’ll receive from TAB include:

Ongoing Training:
Lifelong access to training resources to keep you updated and well-equipped.

One-to-One Coaching:
Personalized coaching sessions to address specific needs and challenges.

Monthly Peer Board Membership:
Regular participation in peer boards for collaborative learning and insights.

Access to the Global TAB Community:
Connectivity with a global network of TAB members, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Annual International Conference:
Participation in a dynamic conference to stay abreast of industry trends and network with fellow franchisees.

Access to an array of marketing materials including blogs, white papers, and case studies to enhance your promotional efforts.

Back Office Support:
Streamlined handling of accounts receivable and payable processing for efficient business operations.

With TAB, your journey is not just a venture; it’s a continuous, supported evolution towards enduring success.