What is TAB?

The world’s largest business advisory & business coaching franchise system

TAB Franchisees provide strategic thought-leadership to business owners and their leadership teams.

Our Franchisees work closely with leaders of privately-owned companies to help them run their businesses more strategically.

Through unique combinations of one-on-one business coaching, monthly TAB Advisory Board meetings, a suite of strategic tools and workshops, TAB Franchisees deliver the collective wisdom and inspiration to help business owners radically improve their companies – all packaged in streamlined and affordable services.

Business Coaching

Advisory Boards

Strategic Tools

Peer Advisory Boards

TAB Franchisees facilitate monthly, half-day meetings with local business owners and CEOs. Boards consist of 4-10 business owners in non-competing industries. The members provide each other with insight, expertise and diverse perspectives along with the opportunity to each identify goals, set action plans and participate in mutual accountability.

Business Owner and Executive Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching helps business owners and executives develop skills, meet goals and become even more successful leaders. TAB Franchisees help leaders to clarify their vision, prioritize goals, set long-term objectives, gain objective insight into leadership challenges and much more.

StratPro® Leadership Transformation Program

Designed for busy leaders and their teams, StratPro® fuses proven strategic tools, expertly facilitated leadership workshops and structured follow-up sessions to help leadership teams define the company’s strategic goals and to ensure execution and accountability through collective buy-in.

Strategic Tools

Our Franchisees provides members with access to TAB’s proven strategic business planning tools focused on forming their vision for both a successful business and a fulfilling life. The Business Builder’s Blueprint™ helps demystify the strategic planning process and provide a clear picture of how to achieve strategic direction and vision.

TAB Connect

TAB Connect – our exclusive, online business network platform – provides a powerful knowledge exchange for business owners from diverse backgrounds in similar verticals around the world. Both members and TAB Franchise Owners can leverage TAB Connect to ask questions, get feedback and collaborate with other successful leaders.


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Freedom. Flexibility. Financial Independence.

TAB has been steadily growing for more than 30 years.

With TAB Franchisees in more than 30 US states and over 20 countries around the world, we provide world-class support and a real sense of community as you build your business.

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Our Story

The Alternative Board was formed in 1990 by best-selling business author Allen Fishman. Prior to founding TAB, Allen was the president and co-owner of a consumer electronics chain that grew to become a NASDAQ-traded public entity. The company then engaged a highly-paid board of directors, and Allen experienced first-hand the tremendous benefit of having a board of directors to guide the future of a successful business.

Allen saw a need for an affordable board-of-director system that could provide counsel to small and mid-sized business owners. As a result, TAB became a pioneer of business owner advisory boards and has perfected a proprietary system of powerful business tools, strategies and workshops.

We’re now operating in more than 350 locations around the world, helping thousands of business owners live better, lead better and achieve more.