Why TAB?

The TAB system is proven to operate successfully in
countries world-wide.

The Proven TAB System

TAB Board Meetings

TAB Board Members meet with their TAB Facilitator-Coaches and their fellow TAB Board Members to discuss their challenges and opportunities in an advisory board.


TAB Board Members receive monthly coaching
from their TAB Facilitator-Coach.



Consulting is an optional service that many franchisees offer that involves their individual areas of expertise. 


StratPro is a proprietary strategic planning process.



Three different management development training programs are optionally offered to executives and other managers.


Since its founding, TAB has prided itself on consistent testing and measuring of Marketing and Sales strategies and tools, designed to help each TAB business owner (TBO) build their TAB business. From an Integrated Membership Acquisition Program of diverse marketing tactics and tools to a comprehensive membership sales conversation, our TBOs are prepared to pursue business development in an intentional and sustainable manner. Membership acquisition training begins in the classroom through a combination of instruction, interactive discussion, and role play. That training is carried into the field for real time implementation, demonstration, coaching and encouragement, through our unique Field Support Training program. Such training includes an experienced training accompanying each new TBO during both on-site and virtual membership sales conversations and group events. Here is what our TBOs have to say about their field support:

“My Field Support Trainer was the consummate professional and a true craftsman. It was a pleasure and challenge working under his direction. He didn’t let me get away with any sloppiness in my presentation or wording. He made me better.” TBO, Texas

“The Field Support Trainer’s knowledge, experience and history with TAB was extensive. Also, he helped me to take TAB’s system and adapt it slightly so I sounded more authentic.”
TAB New Jersey

“The Field Support Trainer had a lot of experience and knew how to transmit it and was honest.  He has mastery in member acquisition process including Discovery and RFA meetings as well as sample boards and Circle of Influence events.”
TBO, Spain

“The Field Support Trainer was a walking encyclopedia of ‘TAB How-tos’, eager to share his knowledge in a positive and constructive manner. His ability to identify issues and opportunities is way past mastery.” 
TBO, South Africa


TAB Marketing develops the strategies and tactics that get TAB business owners in front of key target prospects.

Being Prepared
  • Collateral
  • Satellite site
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Lead list
  • Sending eTips
  • Promoting whitepapers/
  • Community sponsorships
  • Business talks and presentations
  • Public relations
Lead Generation
  • Referral marketing
  • Networking events
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • Advertising
Mass Marketing
  • Building a killer list
  • Telemarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Follow-up calling and emails
Premium Marketing
  • Building a premium list
  • Drop-ins
  • Email marketing
  • Owner-to-Owner calling
  • Direct mail
  • Dimensional mailers
  • Circle of influence
  • Special offers
  • Strategic partnerships


Our training program ensures our new TBOs are confident and capable, both in recruiting Members to establish their TAB Boards and in providing the full range of TAB services to retain those Members for the long-term. During our 8-day initial training course, our home office team will guide you step-by-step through the essential areas and tools of:

Marketing for new TAB Members

Interviewing and closing new TAB Members

Using the full range of TAB tools

Facilitation techniques

Running coaching sessions

Member retention

Strategies for Board composition

The initial training is followed by up to 8 days of in-field support, helping you translate theory into practice and kick-starting the launch of your new TAB Business. TAB is committed to education, and that continues long after you start your franchise. You can repeat our initial training program, at no additional charge, at any time. If you need a refresher in a year or a decade, it’s covered in your one-time training fee.

TBOs can also benefit from all of the amazing content we provide TAB Members, such as webinars and seminars on leadership topics.

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing support is unmatched, and it doesn’t end after your training. It doesn’t end 6 months or 16 months after. In fact, it just doesn’t end!

Field Support Training

Telephone support daily for the first two weeks following field support training to reinforce the process


Ongoing Support

Support for 6 months following field support training to keep you focused on Member recruitment

Peer Board Meetings

Monthly peer Board Meetings with your fellow TBOs to share experience and knowledge

Group Coaching Calls

Weekly Member acquisition and bi-weekly Member retention group coaching calls


Annual International TAB Franchise Owner Conference

In addition, the TAB Home Office handles ALL Member invoicing and debt collection for you, and invests heavily in marketing TAB.
This allows you the time and focus to concentrate on driving your business forward and doing the work you love—helping our
TAB Members grow.

StratPro: Strategic Business Planning

Operating without a strategic plan is like sitting in the passenger seat of your own business. Strategic planning puts you behind the steering wheel. It serves as a roadmap that defines the direction a company must travel, and that helps leaders prepare for potential roadblocks. Companies and markets without this foundation and foresight are far more likely to get lost, stuck, or wrecked.

Therefore, The Alternative Board developed StratPro. StratPro is a strategic business transformation process, that allows you to go deeper with organizations and is another way to generate income within your TAB business.

Business Builder’s Blueprint

TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint tool takes 3 decades of TAB’s real-world experience and puts it into a planning process that is approachable, unintimidating and effective.


  • Achieves alignment of company vision with owner’s
    personal vision.
  • Focuses business owners on long-term company vision and strategic approach to attain the vision.
  • Holds business owners and employees accountable.
  • Identifies best allocation of company financial and human resources to reach goals.
  • Creates management alignment and synergies within the company.

TAB Connect

TAB Connect is the ultimate business network tool. It’s made up of thousands of TAB Members from around the globe who are committed to helping each other solve business challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Our Members can use the TAB Connect network to get feedback from their peers in more than 20 countries. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when someone else out there has likely already encountered—and conquered—whatever problem you’re facing.

It’s better to give than receive, which means you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to contribute to other TAB Connect Members in a very active online Members-only collaboration group. Worried you’re not the smartest person in the room? If you were, then you’d need to find a new room! We don’t expect our Members to know it all, but we’re confident your experience will add something unique to the conversation.

Connect with TAB and experience global business owner networking and TAB Member collaboration at its finest.

TAB Connect is now available as a mobile app!

Image of a cell phone showing a TAB Connect profile


The initial fee for owning a TAB business is reasonable. You don’t have to invest in equipment, but you are really investing in intellectual capital. There is a lot of freedom in being a TAB Business Owner.

– Bill Edmonds, TAB Business Owner, TAB Columbia

“When I heard about The Alternative Board one of the things that really intrigued me was that when you’re talking about many smaller clients who give you recurring revenue every month, what happens is that it totally flattens your revenue and you have a base as opposed to consulting revenue when you have ups and downs. TAB is also so much more fun than doing consulting projects!”

Jackie Gernaey, TAB Business Owner, Suffolk County

“The Alternative Board is an extremely unique franchise. In addition to providing predictable revenue streams, TAB also offers extreme flexibility. You get to create your own hours and you can spend time with the people you want to spend time with. For the seasoned consultant, TAB will open up many new income opportunities. For the business expert seeking a new career in consulting or coaching, TAB provides great tools and processes to make a smooth transition.”

Joe Zente, TAB Business Owner, TAB Texas


The community of TAB is the strongest part of their culture, because of this strong willingness to help each other out. It is an interesting environment to be in. Everyone has basically the same job, but everyone does it differently, and no one is competing with you.

– Laura Drury, TAB Business Owner, TAB Focused Directions (Colorado)


Joining TAB I was able to look back to my own business history. I was running a small business and realized my circle of influence and resources, that helped me making decisions, was pretty small. I realized that’s the case for many business owners. Being able to work with business owners and provide them with something that I didn’t have as a business owner was really appealing to me.

– Mark Knudsen, TAB Business Owner, TAB Ventura County & Stevenson Ranch